The Church’s Stake and Ward Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide provides tools to help Church leaders create or update their emergency response plans based on local resources and circumstances.

The guide helps leaders go through the planning process on an ongoing basis by providing principles and worksheets.


A major part of this planning strategy is the focus on disruptions instead of disasters. Rather than making a plan for every potential disaster that could occur, it encourages stake and ward councils to focus on disruptions such as lack of shelter, food, communication services, or heating, which can occur during a variety of emergencies. If a council discusses and plans for a different disruption each month, they could have a thorough plan by the end of the year.

Another key part of the guide is the section on gathering critical information. The workbook encourages leaders to identify special needs in the ward, such as elderly members or members who require medication. With this information on hand, leaders can make sure any vital needs are met quickly in the case of a disaster.

The planning guide and accompanying workbook walk leaders through five steps of emergency preparations:

  1. Identify Likely Disasters
  2. Gather Critical Information
  3. Outline Assignments and Procedures
  4. Identify Emergency Communication Methods
  5. Encourage Member Preparation


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