Every April and October, we have the privilege of hearing messages of inspiration and guidance at general conference. It is intended to be a revelatory experience as we learn from living prophets and apostles through the influence of the Holy Ghost. If you prepare, you will get more out of your conference experience.

As you prepare for general conference, I invite you to ponder questions you need to have answered. … There are messages in each general conference given as a gift and a blessing from heaven specifically for our personal life situations. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Ask Questions

Think about questions that are weighing on your mind. Ask questions through prayer and reflect on them while you listen to general conference.

Tip: The Gospel Library has a placeholder for the upcoming general conference. Pick a session and record any questions you have prior to the session. Then during conference, you can digitally record and save the answers you receive as you follow along throughout the meetings.

Listen to the Spirit

Prepare your heart and mind to be open to personal revelation from the Spirit to seek what God wants you to know, feel, and understand.

Record Your Feelings

Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal, and add to them as you listen to general conference. If you feel comfortable, share insights with your friends or family.

The page Ideas to Prepare for General Conference at provides more suggestions.

Watch the video Learning from General Conference:

Watch the video Find Answers to Your Questions:

Here are four preparation ideas:

  • Get ready the day before. Pray to have an open heart and to receive answers to questions you have. Figure out how you will watch or listen to conference so you don’t have to scramble the next day. Doing a few simple things like this will help you be in the right frame of mind for inspiration to flow.
  • Explore new ways of taking notes. Some people write down quotes and phrases, while others draw pictures based on what inspires them. Whatever you do, make sure to record what the Spirit tells your heart and mind—not just what the speakers say.
  • Share thoughts with others. Talking and teaching about what you learn is one of the best ways to make it stick. Plus, it might be just what someone else needs to hear!
  • Read or listen to the talks again. Think of the conference messages as a guide for the next six months of life. You can rewatch talks online or read them in the November Church magazines. And don’t be afraid to mark them up—some people underline different topics in different colors to help them notice patterns, and some like to write thoughts and ideas in the margins.

Additional ideas to prepare for general conference:

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