Easter Sunday brings a special focus on Christ’s Resurrection. Many Latter-day Saints celebrate events leading up to Easter, like Palm Sunday and Good Friday, by studying the events of Holy Week, listening to songs about Jesus Christ, and enjoying a special meal with family and friends. Some members also choose to celebrate the holiday season with traditions from their country such as decorating Easter eggs, having an Easter egg hunt, giving gifts of chocolate or other presents, buying Easter lilies, or serving others.

Easter is a joyous celebration of what’s possible because of Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we can have a fresh start as we repent and are forgiven for our sins. We can live with God and our loved ones forever. We can look forward to the future with hope.

Below are key beliefs of Latter-day Saints about Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ Is the Son of God

We believe Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God, sent to earth to redeem us from sin and death. He willingly took on the role of our Savior to help fulfill God’s plan of happiness for His children.

He Understands You Perfectly

Jesus suffered for all of our sins as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and was hung on the cross to die. He gained a perfect, divine understanding of everything you have ever experienced.

He Died for You on the Cross at Calvary

The Savior’s ultimate sacrifice for all of us, which we call the Atonement, makes it possible for us to repent and be forgiven for our sins, making us worthy to live with God again someday.

He Was Resurrected So You Can Live Again

Jesus Christ’s victory over death through His Resurrection makes it possible for all of us to live again. If we live Christ’s gospel, we can look forward to living with God and our families for eternity.

Jesus Visited His “Other Sheep”

After His Resurrection, Jesus visited His people in the Americas. The Book of Mormon recounts how He ministered to the people there and established His Church as He did in the Middle East (see 3 Nephi 11).

Jesus Christ Lives Today

After Christ returned to live with our Heavenly Father, parts of His Church were lost over time. In 1820, Jesus Christ’s true Church was restored. He leads it through a living prophet and apostles today.

See the article “New Church Resources For Easter” for resources for adults and children.



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