teaching with media

Using videos and pictures in the classroom can enhance any gospel lesson. It can bring a spiritual tone that leaves memorable and lasting impressions. The Church’s Media Library available online and in the Gospel Library app offers many resources for teaching, learning, and sharing gospel media.

If you have been reluctant to use media when you teach because you fear technical difficulties, the following suggestions may help you avoid problems.

To avoid potential problems with streaming, you can download the video ahead of time when you have a good internet connection. Then, you can play it later from your computer or mobile device without an internet connection.

Although most of the Church’s videos can be downloaded, a few in the Media Library not available for download due to copyright and intellectual property restrictions.

Below are options for downloading video. The best option depends on the devices you have available, the size of your class, and the video equipment in your meetinghouse.

Download on a Laptop Computer

  • Download the video and save it in a folder where you can find it later. See instructions for downloading a video.
  • Play the video from your computer’s Downloads folder.
  • In a small classroom, you can show it on the laptop screen, or you can connect the computer to a large monitor using an HDMI cable.

Download to an Apple Tablet, iPhone, or Smartphone, Android Tablet, or Android Phone

  • Go to the Gospel Library app and find the video you want.
  • Click the Download icon. It downloads a copy to your tablet or phone.
  • To play the video later, just go to the video again in the Gospel Library app and click play. It will play it from the copy saved on your device rather than streaming it from the internet.
  • In a small classroom, you can show it on the tablet or phone screen, or you can mirror it to a larger smart TV using a process called mirroring or casting.
    • On an Apple iOS devices, the option can be found under Control Center > Airplay (or Screen Mirroring). With your phone enabled for screen mirroring, then turn on your smart TV’s feature.
    • On an Android device, go to Settings > Display > Cast to enable casting.


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