The new manual Come, Follow Me—For Home and Church contains resources that Primary and youth teachers can use to prepare and teach their classes.

Each week’s outline has two main sections. The first one has ideas to help youth and adults study the scriptures at home and at church. The second section has ideas that can be used to help children learn about Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Resources to Use With Children

  • Images. Both full-color images and line drawings.
  • A hymn or song from the Children’s Songbook.
  • Activities. Links to Book of Mormon Stories, activities from the Friend magazine, Book of Mormon Videos, and a big picture and an activity page at the end of each outline.
  • Appendices A, B, and C at the back of the manual include helpful resources for parents and Primary teachers to help children learn more about baptism, confirmation, partaking of the sacrament, and going to the temple.

Resources to Use With Youth

    • Blue scripture icons identify content that is specifically designed for youth.
    • Appendix D contains a sample meeting agenda to help quorum and class presidencies lead the meeting.


Learn more in the articles “How Primary Teachers Can Use the New ‘Come, Follow Me’ Manual” and “How Youth Leaders Can Use the New Combined ‘Come, Follow Me’ Manual.”



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