Filming for the “Book of Mormon Videos” is complete, and new videos completing the 45-episode series will be released in time for the 2024 “Come, Follow Me” study of the Book of Mormon. These will include the stories of Captain Moroni and the title of liberty, Helaman’s faithful stripling warriors, and Samuel the Lamanite, among others.

Eleven new episodes will be released throughout the year to accompany lessons on the following subjects:

  • Jacob Teaches the Allegory of the Olive Tree | Jacob 5
  • The Lord Delivers the People of Limhi and Alma | Mosiah 21–24
  • The Lord Delivers the People of Ammon | Alma 23–27
  • Moroni Raises the Title of Liberty | Alma 46
  • Helaman’s Stripling Soldiers Fight for Freedom | Alma 53–58
  • Nephi and Lehi Testify of Jesus Christ | Helaman 5
  • Samuel the Lamanite Prophesies of Jesus Christ | Helaman 13–16; 3 Nephi 1
  • The Lord Appears to the Brother of Jared | Ether 1–6, 12–13
  • Mormon Preserves the Sacred Record | 3 Nephi 5; Mormon 1–7
  • Mormon Teaches about Faith, Hope and Charity | Moroni 7
  • Mormon Teaches about the Salvation of Little Children | Moroni 8

Moroni raises the title of liberty (Alma 46).

A majority of “Book of Mormon Videos” episodes will be available in 2024 in as many as 60 languages. Portions of the series will be available in additional languages.

Watch this new trailer representing the full series:

“The Book of Mormon Videos” are designed to help people learn from the Book of Mormon, either to enhance their study of the scriptures or as a first introduction to the sacred text. For others, it may help them understand when literacy and reading are a challenge.

Currently, 34 episodes of the “Book of Mormon Videos” are available on the Gospel Library at, on the Gospel Library app, on the Book of Mormon app, and on YouTube. Additional new videos will be added to these on-demand repositories as they are released in 2024.

Other assets from the production of the “Book of Mormon Videos,” including short video segments, still photos, soundtrack recordings and behind-the-scenes videos, are available for you to use in sharing gospel messages on social media. To see what is available, visit the Church Media Library on

Also coming are new augmented reality/virtual reality experiences representing Lehi and his vision of the tree of life and the visit of the resurrected Savior Jesus Christ to the ancient Book of Mormon people. These experiences will be released with the corresponding “Come, Follow Me” lessons in 2024.



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