This article reviews key materials that prospective missionaries can use to prepare for missionary service.

  Standard Works. It goes without saying that prospective missionaries should read all four books of scripture before their missions. Order printed scriptures. You can also access the scriptures digitally:

  • Online ( You can read, listen to, or download audio files. You can also download audio files for entire books of scripture.
  • Gospel Library app.
preach_my_gospel_2_0 Preach My Gospel. This is the standard curriculum for missionaries. I recommend that all prospective missionaries read it cover to cover, and study chapter 3 several times. Chapter 3 covers the doctrines that missionaries teach. Order a printed copy or read online in the Gospel Library, where you can also listen or download audio files or PDFs. Also study the associated pamphlets The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Chastity, Tithing and Fast Offerings, Word of Wisdom, Learning and Serving in the Church, and Families and Temples.
 gospel-topics Topics and Questions ( A study resource of gospel principles, Church history events, and social and moral issues facing members today. Each entry has a short summary of the topic, links to resources to learn more, and ideas to help you teach it to others. Can be used as a quick reference to answer questions and also as a deep study of doctrines. Included within the topics is a set of 11 longer essays on sensitive topics. This is an updated and expanded version of the old booklet True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference.
Gospel Principles. This book provides an overview of gospel principles. Young men and women who study this manual before their missions will gain a strong doctrinal foundation in the gospel. Order a printed copy or access it in the Gospel Library, where you can read, listen, download audio files, and download a PDF of the manual.
Teaching-Saviors-Way Teaching in the Savior’s Way. The principles described in this basic teaching resource can help prospective missionaries learn how to more effectively teach in the Savior’s way. Order a printed copy or access it in the Gospel Library, where you can read, listen, download audio files, and download a PDF of the manual.
Come, Follow Me: Learning Resources for Youth ( The youth lessons for young men and young women classes are based on 9 basic doctrinal principles that are important to prospective missionaries to know and understand well.
Seminary. Seminary is key to preparing Latter-day Saint youth for missions. Read seminary materials online. Watch a “Personal Invitation to Attend Seminary” video from President Russell M. Nelson.
Missionary Preparation magazine. This special issue of the New Era magazine is focused entirely on missionary preparation. Topics include the application process for full-time missionaries, the MTC experience, and even a typical day in the mission field. Parents, teachers, and leaders can also use it as a resource for lessons and discussions, Although it came out in March 2007, the Church continues to make it available.
Preparing to Serve. The web page Preparing to Serve has resources and videos to help in missionary preparation. It provides information on preparing to serve, submitting your papers, receiving your call, and what to expect on your mission.

Learn about other LDS missionary resources.


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