The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published a short series of lessons and videos to help young people use technology more effectively and safely.

In these lessons and videos, you will learn about Purpose, Plan and Pause.”

  • Purpose. Ask yourself, “Why am I using this device right now?” and “How long will I spend on this device?”
  • Plan. You can make better choices when you plan to limit screen time and have device-free areas at home, like your bedroom and bathroom.
  • Pause. You should pause and take a break when you encounter content that is explicit or makes you feel bad, lonely, or weird. Those feelings are a signal that something is not right, and you can reach out for help by connecting with someone face-to-face and not through a screen.

The youth resource Taking Charge of Technology is available in the Gospel Library in the Youth collection.

Taking Charge of Technology is similar in purpose to the manual Safeguards for Using Technology for missionaries. You may also be interested in Family Safeguards for Using Technology, a three-page summary of key messages from the booklet Safeguards for Using Technology.

Watch the video “Taking Charge of Technology: The Challenge:”

Watch the video “Taking Charge of Technology: Remedies:”



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