Improvements are coming to the Leader and Clerk Resources website and the Member Tools mobile app that will better assist members and leaders in fulfilling their callings and responsibilities, in ministering more effectively to others, and in accomplishing the mission of the Church. These changes will be made incrementally in 2023 and 2024 and will include the following:

  • The navigation menu in LCR will be updated to provide a more intuitive approach to finding features.
  • Most functionality currently available in LCR will be added to Member Tools, providing users with a consistent experience using either the website or the mobile app. Member Tools also provides the ability to complete tasks when an internet connection is not available, storing completed tasks offline to be transmitted to Church headquarters when an internet connection is established.
  • The navigation and design of the Member Tools app will be updated from a list view to an icon view, like that found in the Gospel Library app. Eventually, users will also be able to personalize their view of the LCR and Member Tools home screens to accommodate their personal preferences.
  • Updated data visibility settings will be added to LCR and Member Tools to allow members to set the level of visibility of their personal information to other members.
  • When these changes are made, both the website and the app will be renamed Member and Leader Tools, becoming the web and mobile versions of the same tool.

These improvements will enhance the ability for all members to perform their callings and provide a consistent experience. To learn more about these improvements and preview upcoming changes prior to release, visit the “About Member Tools” article in the Help Center on

The above text is from a Church notice dated September 28, 2023, from the Finance and Records Department addressed to local leaders.



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