The website Answering LDS Critics is a resource to answer claims made by critics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The website also explains some of the tactics and methods of such critics.

The research on the website can help members avoid a faith crisis. Often, critics are successful because their claims become convoluted “rabbit holes.” The critic makes a claim, an apologist answers the claim, the critic refutes the answer, and on and on.  And members with doubts are caught in between.

The Answering LDS Critics website presents a different approach. It provides a secure space to seek answers to critics’ claims, but it also exposes the tactics and behaviors of these critics, including details of their organizations’ finances, exorbitant salaries, instances when they have presented misleading information, and the highly offensive products they promote (all without disparaging individual critics). The combination of faithful answers and hard evidence that critics have ulterior motives can be powerful in helping members avoid a faith crisis.

Learn more about the website in the article “By Their Cunning Craftiness” or visit the website Answering LDS Critics.



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