Members may now schedule group appointments for proxy sealings, endowments, and initiatory ordinances using the online system for temple appointments. The system previously only allowed group appointments for proxy baptism and sealing ordinances.

This feature is especially helpful for family and friends wanting to attend the temple together. Larger groups such as wards and stakes are asked to continue reservations by email or phone.

What Is the Group Scheduling Process?

  1. When you schedule an appointment, check the box labeled Additional People and enter the number of male and female members you wish to invite.
  2. After you finalize the appointment, your appointment is confirmed for all seats.
  3. Instructions will be provided on how to invite other group members to confirm their seat. This step is not required.

If guests choose to confirm their seats, the appointment will appear on their My Temple Appointments page and at the temple recommend desk allowing temple workers to better direct guests when they arrive.

Please note that the online appointment system already allows members to schedule groups for proxy baptisms. Maximum group sizes vary by temple based on capacity.

Group appointments will continue to be available by emailing or calling the temple.


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