Tickets are required for admission to sessions of general conference in the Conference Center. Music and the Spoken Word is part of the Sunday morning session, and tickets are required.

United States and Canada

Members of the Church who live in the United States and Canada should contact their ward or branch leaders to inquire about the possibility of obtaining tickets for general conference.

Outside the United States and Canada

Members who live outside the United States and Canada must order tickets no sooner than two months prior to general conference through their stake or district president in their home country. The stake or district president will receive a notice from the Church with a link to order tickets. Tickets are no longer distributed at the Conference Center Ticket Office.

What is General Conference

General conferences are the semiannual worldwide gatherings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members gather to receive guidance and encouragement from Church leaders about living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ticket Guidelines

A ticket for a session of general conference ensures the ticket holder a seat in the Conference Center until 30 minutes before that session begins. Doors open 90 minutes before the beginning of each session. Children under the age of eight years, including infants and babies, will not be admitted. There is no standby line and no standby seating is available.

Safety and Security

Security measures have been established at the Conference Center for the safety of conference attendees. No backpacks, packages, food and drink, weapons (including pocketknives), or cameras are permitted.




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