The Church Board of Education has approved updates to Student Ecclesiastical Endorsements, the Honor Code, and Dress and Grooming Principles and Expectations for the Church Educational System (CES). These principle-based updates will provide consistency across CES institutions, and better align student endorsement interviews with Church leaders’ ecclesiastical responsibilities. The changes are designed to help students grow closer to Jesus Christ and strengthen the overall student experience.

Updates have been made in the following three areas:

  • The Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement elevates the student’s interview by aligning it with the ecclesiastical responsibilities of priesthood leaders and focusing on a student’s efforts to grow spiritually and meet ecclesiastical standards. Administration of university Honor Code and Dress and Grooming policies will now more fully reside with the CES institutions.
  • The CES Honor Code has been the same for all CES institutions for many years. Updates highlight its role in accomplishing the religious mission of CES.
  • Dress and Grooming Expectations have historically varied among CES institutions and will now be simplified and unified across campuses. These updates identify a set of foundational principles while retaining an important set of common expectations.

Learn more in the article “Updated CES Standards Help Students Grow Closer to Christ.”


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