Households across the world will soon be eligible to get a print subscription to any or all of the Church magazines at no cost. Each household may sign up for one or all three global magazines: the Liahona (for adults), For the Strength of Youth (for youth ages 12–18), and the Friend (for children).

Beginning today, anyone with a Church account in certain parts of the world may sign up for one annual subscription per household to one or more of these magazines. The new subscription system will roll out to the rest of the world over the next several months. These no-cost subscriptions are an ongoing, and not a one-time offer, to make the words of the prophets available to more people.

These three magazines are published in 50 languages in both print and digital formats. Additional languages are available digitally only.


  • Beginning August 1, 2023, households in the Church’s Asia North and North America West areas will be able to subscribe to the Church magazines of their choice at no cost.
  • Beginning December 1, 2023, households in the Church’s Africa Central, Africa South, Africa West, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe Central, Europe East, Europe North, Mexico, Middle East/Africa North, Pacific, Philippines, South America Northwest, and South America South areas will be able to subscribe.
  • Beginning February 1, 2024, households in the Church’s North America Central, North America Northeast, North America Southeast, North America Southwest, and Utah areas will be able to subscribe
  • The no-cost subscription system for the Brazil Area has been delayed and will be released at a later date.

You will receive your first magazine six to eight weeks after subscribing. Additional copies of current issues of other magazines may be purchased at or at retail stores. You may access past issues digitally in the Gospel Library.

How to Order

An adult member of a household may manage subscriptions at with a Church account. If you don’t have a Church account, you may get one at no cost at

Click the Subscribe button next to the magazine images and descriptions for a subscription to printed magazines. Enter your shipping address and language preference at the bottom of the page.

To sign up for a monthly email notification when a new issue of a magazine is released online, select the digital magazines wanted under Email for Online Magazines.

The ward council can subscribe for children and youth who do not have parents attending church as well as for members who need additional help. Soon, leaders can do this by going to Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) and selecting Reports and then Magazine Subscriptions. Subscribing for these groups will require permission from members who need additional help and from the children’s parents.


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