Nearly 20 years after the first publication of Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, the Church has published a second edition.

Preach My Gospel helps missionaries and members to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The second edition provides updates based on the teachings, inspiration, and emphasis of current Church leaders. It is enhanced by additional scripture references, more recent teachings from prophets and apostles, and additional art and other visuals. The content in each chapter has been updated. However, the chapter order and core teachings remain the same.

The second edition is now available digitally in Gospel Library in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Printed editions will be available by the end of 2023. Additional languages will be available beginning in January 2024. Both editions of Preach My Gospel will be available in Gospel Library until February 2024. After that time, the first edition will be archived.

Below is a summary of some of the changes (from the First Presidency letter dated 22 June 2023):

Introduction to Preach My Gospel

The introduction is significantly simplified and reduced. More emphasis is on members (not just missionaries) using Preach My Gospel.

Chapter 1: Fulfill Your Missionary Purpose

This chapter has more clarity around the doctrine of Christ and the importance of making covenants with God. Sections about establishing the Church and becoming a successful missionary have also been enhanced.

Chapter 2: Search the Scriptures and Put on the Armor of God

This chapter has additional encouragement and promises for diligent scripture study. It also includes a new section outlining safeguards for using technology.

Chapter 3: Study and Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This chapter provides new instruction about preparing to teach. It also includes a new section about inviting people to be baptized so that they can have the opportunity to start life anew with God’s sustaining power. It summarizes the importance of this joyful, hopeful ordinance and covenant. A new plan of salvation visual has been added. Lesson 4 combines what were previously lessons 4 and 5 into a new lesson titled “Becoming Lifelong Disciples of Jesus Christ.” The teachings in this lesson are organized according to specific aspects of the baptismal covenant.

Chapter 4: Seek and Rely on the Spirit

The quotations in this chapter are updated with teachings from current Church leaders. The “Word of Caution” section is also expanded.

Chapter 5: Use the Power of The Book of Mormon

This chapter has been updated with teachings from current Church leaders about The Book of Mormon. The “Questions of the Soul” section also includes substantial updates.

Chapter 6: Seek Christlike Attributes

This chapter focuses on seeking Christlike attributes. Adjustments are based on the role of the Holy Ghost in distilling these attributes on those who seek to follow the Savior. A new section titled “Integrity” has also been included.

Chapter 7: Learn Your Mission Language

This chapter has been simplified and reflects the latest approaches to language learning.

Chapter 8: Accomplish the Work through Goals and Plans

This chapter greatly simplifies the goal-setting process and includes the two new key indicators for conversion (“Lessons with a Member Participating” and “New Converts Attending Sacrament Meeting”). These new indicators are intended to help missionaries unite with members in the Lord’s work and help new members continue to progress spiritually. This chapter also includes two appendices with detailed examples of how missionaries can use the goal-setting process in working with people they are teaching and in finding new people to teach.

Chapter 9: Find People to Teach

This chapter has new instruction and many new ideas for finding people to teach, including some based on using technology and the Preach My Gospel app. It includes a new section on the importance of always being engaged in finding people to teach called “Keep Lines in the Water.” This chapter includes additional ideas on how missionaries can support members in their efforts to apply the principles of love, share, and invite.

Chapter 10: Teach to Build Faith in Jesus Christ

This chapter now includes instruction on: following the Savior’s example in teaching, teaching by the Spirit, teaching children, helping people access the scriptures, using technology, and inviting members to participate. It also provides more help on teaching someone from a non-Christian background.

Chapter 11: Help People Make and Keep Commitments

This chapter now has additional teachings about the importance of conversion and Spirit-led invitations. It also provides more guidance on helping people keep commitments. A section titled “Come and Stay” is new.

Chapter 12: Help People Prepare for Baptism and Confirmation

The revisions in this chapter align with the General Handbook regarding baptism and confirmation. The section “After Baptism and Confirmation” is expanded to emphasize helping new members participate in the blessings of the temple.

Chapter 13: Unite with Leaders and Members to Establish the Church

The instruction in this chapter aligns with the General Handbook on the roles and responsibilities of local leaders in their efforts to share the gospel. This chapter provides helpful instruction to missionaries and local leaders about weekly coordination meetings. It also highlights principles for sharing the gospel.


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