The Church is seeking Latter-day-Saints worldwide who have musical skills and want to be considered for projects, events, and productions produced by the Church. If you are interested, you can add your information to the Churchwide talent database.

The talent database is a list of professionals and volunteers with acting, music, and other related skills that Church producers can consider engaging for music projects, events, broadcasts, performances, and other productions. You can find the talent database on the Church’s casting and music web page in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

You can enter details about your skills, experience, contact information, and geographic location. Then, Church producers will use this information to find and connect with skilled individuals when and where they are needed.

In addition to people with music performance skills, the Church needs applicants with skills such as transcription, music notation software, text editing and translation, audio recording, and event and project coordination and logistical planning.

Learn more in the article “Church Seeking Worldwide for Members With Music Skills for Paid and Volunteer Opportunities.”


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