What do you do if there seems to be a conflict between your understanding of the gospel and what you learn through science? Is the gospel wrong? Is science wrong? Neither.

Bottom line: One day, we’ll see how everything fits together—but it might be after a lot of revelation and a lot of research. We should keep learning about science while simultaneously strengthening our faith.

Here’s a story.

Once there was a religious man who was also a scientist and professor.
“What do you do when science contradicts your beliefs?” a student asked.
The man thought for a moment, then walked to an empty chalkboard. “This board represents all truth,” he said.
In one corner, he made a small dot. “This represents what we understand about God.”
Then he walked to the opposite corner and made another dot. “This represents what we understand about science.”
He turned to the class. “I don’t worry if the two circles don’t overlap.”

President Russell M. Nelson, who is a renowned heart surgeon, once said, “There is no conflict between science and religion. Conflict only arises from an incomplete knowledge of either science or religion, or both.”

He also said “All truth is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether truth comes from a scientific laboratory or by revelation from the Lord, it is compatible.”

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