The section “Truth Will Make You Free” in the For the Strength of Youth guide explains that God wants us to always be learning and seeking truth. But when we have questions, how can we find answers?

Having questions is not a sign of weakness or lack of faith. In fact, asking questions can help build faith. The Restoration of the gospel started when 14-year-old Joseph Smith asked questions with faith. We should seek answers in the scriptures, in the words of God’s prophets, from our leaders and faithful parents, and from God Himself. If answers don’t come right away, we should trust that we will learn line upon line. We keep living by what we already know, and keep seeking for truth.

The section “Truth Will Make You Free” also explains how we can stand up for what is right without offending those who have different beliefs. We start by making sure our words and actions are inspired by love for God and His children. Sharing the gospel should not be done in a spirit of contention but rather with clarity, meekness, and kindness. We can be loving toward others even if we don’t agree with their views.

You can download your own copy of the For the Strength of Youth guide in PDF format or read it online.

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