The Church has published a new eight-day Easter study plan, available online and in the Gospel Library app. The study plan corresponds with the last days of the Savior’s life and includes videos, scriptures, and music for each day of Holy Week.

The eight days of study start on Sunday, April 2, and include Palm Sunday; Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem; cleansing the temple; teaching in Jerusalem; rest and miracles, Passover and suffering in the garden; trial, crucifixion, and burial; ministry in the spirit world; and the Resurrection.

Also available is a simplified, shareable, online version of this study plan at Easter.ComeUntoChrist.org.


The Church offers a timeline of the events that happened during the last days of Jesus Christ’s mortal ministry. It is a great way to study during the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Share your thoughts about Jesus Christ this week using the hashtag #BecauseOfHim.



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