The For the Strength of Youth guide helps us understand that Jesus Christ has the power to help us resist pornography and repent. We should turn toward Him and turn away from darkness.

Pornography is a representation, in pictures or words, that is designed to arouse sexual feelings. Pornography comes in many forms, including videos, pictures, books, and music. It can also be messages or images sent between friends.

Pornography treats things that are sacred—our physical bodies and sexual feelings—with disrespect. If we come across pornography, we should turn away immediately. Intentionally viewing pornography is sinful and harms our ability to feel the Spirit. It weakens our self-control and distorts the way we see ourselves and others.

Read the section “Walk in God’s Light” to learn ways to respond to pornography, such as the following:

When you find yourself tempted to use media or technology in unhealthy ways—whether it’s driving away the Spirit or even just wasting your time— try the following:

  1. Call it what it is. Acknowledge what you are tempted to do . You might even say it aloud—for example, “This image is pornography,” “This doesn’t feel right,” or “This could hurt someone’s feelings.”
  2. Replace what you are doing with a better choice. Get away; move to another room or go outside. Focus on something good.
  3. Connect with someone or something you love and respect— maybe a family member, a supportive friend, or your favorite scripture. Most of all, connect with your Heavenly Father, and pray for strength.

For more help, see “Media Safety” in the Gospel Library.

You can download your own copy of the For the Strength of Youth guide in PDF format or read it online.

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