The For the Strength of Youth guide was written to help youth make inspired choices, based on gospel principles.

The section “Make Inspired Choices” helps youth learn that Jesus Christ is the way to eternal joy, that they are beloved spirit children of God, and that their Heavenly Father trusts them.

The purpose of For the Strength of Youth is not to give a “yes” or “no” answer about every possible choice they might face. Instead, it teaches them truths they can use as a guide for making big life choices (like making covenants in the temple and serving a mission) as well as daily choices (like how to treat people or how to spend their time).

Read the section “Make Inspired Choices” to learn the eternal truths that will help you make choices, see invitations to act on those truths, and learn about the blessings that God promises to those who live by His teachings.

You can download your own copy of the For the Strength of Youth guide in PDF format or read it online.

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