The For the Strength of Youth guide helps us understand that God gives us commandments because He loves us. And the best reason to obey God’s commandments is because we love Him. Love is at the heart of God’s commandments.

The section “Love God, Love Your Neighbor” of the For the Strength of Youth guide explains that God’s perfect love can inspire us to love Him and to love others—including, people who are different from us or disagree with  us.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we can lead out in treating people of all races, religions, and any other groups with love, respect, and inclusion—especially those who are sometimes victims of hurtful words and actions. We should reach out to those who feel lonely, isolated, or helpless and help them feel Heavenly Father’s love through us.

Read the section “Love God, Love Your Neighbor” to learn the eternal truths that will help you show love to God and to others, see invitations to act on those truths, and learn about the blessings that God promises to those who live by His teachings.

You can download your own copy of the For the Strength of Youth guide in PDF format or read it online.



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