Serving a mission will bless your life in many ways. You can prepare now by developing habits that will bless your life even before your mission. Here is a list of five habits that will bless you now:

  1. Put effort into prayer. Instead of quick, robotic prayers, try having a true conversation with your Heavenly Father. Tell Him about your day. Listen to what the Spirit tells your heart and mind.
  2. Receive your patriarchal blessing. This will give you a glimpse of God’s plan for your life, including beautiful promises—and perhaps even guidance about decisions like missions.
  3. Talk to missionaries. Ask current or returned missionaries why they chose to serve. How did serving bless their lives? You can even join with the missionaries  in teaching a lesson.
  4. Really study the scriptures. Search for answers to your gospel questions. Practice finding verses about life questions others may have. Keep your heart and mind open to personal revelation.
  5. Start sharing the gospel. Pray for missionary opportunities. Talking about the gospel with friends and coworkers now will make it easier to share precious truths with strangers later.

Adapted from an article on Gospel Living.


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