The video “Social Media is Destroying Your Kids” has great advice for parents about the dangers of social media, video games, and other interactive platforms.

The first half of the video will scare you to death and make you not want your children to use any technology ever. Watch it and get scared, and then watch the second half of the video for ideas about teaching your kids how to use technology appropriately. Technology can bless their lives if used correctly.

Nick gives advice about avoiding toxic apps, limiting screen time as much as possible, restricting where technology is used, monitoring their phones, getting a restricted phone for your kids, having more connection with your kids, and setting the example as parents.

This advice is gold: When your children come to you and admit they did something wrong, don’t get mad and yell at them. If you do, they will just learn to hide things from you. Instead, do these 3 steps:

  1. Hug them until it’s uncomfortable. (That’s about 1.5 minutes.)
  2. Say “I am so grateful you told me this.”
  3. Ask “What can we do to help you?”

This video is from Nick Sales of The Legacy Show. Nick explains, “It’s a podcast where I talk about how we can do good in the world, and what we can do to become the types of people that can make a real impact and bless the lives of others.”



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