The Church has published the schedule of Churchwide broadcast events for 2023. This information is helpful to wards and stakes as they plan their calendars for 2023.

Churchwide Broadcasts

Additional Recorded Resources

  • January 27: S&I Annual Broadcast
  • March 2: Temple and Family History Instruction
  • March 11: Friend to Friend for Children
  • June 11: Teaching Youth and Young Adults
  • June TBD: Worldwide Broadcast on Sharing the Gospel
  • July TBD: Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert
  • August TBD: Youth Music and Arts Festival
  • September 2: Friend to Friend for Children
  • November 4: Luz de Las Naciones
  • November 18: Church Music Festival from Temple Square
  • November TBD: Temple Square Christmas Concert

Event Information

  • Recordings of each event will be archived on Individuals, families and leaders are encouraged to use the live streams or recordings to supplement teaching, training and activities at home and church.
  • Event notices will be published on several weeks before each event.
  • These events will appear in the ward and stake calendars at and in the Member Tools app.

Learn more in the article “2023 Churchwide Broadcast Events.”


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