What is the best way to mark your scriptures? The missionary guide Preach My Gospel provides the following advice:

Marking or annotating your scriptures can assist you in thinking deeply about a passage or doctrine of the gospel. You can mark your scriptures in many ways. Find a method that works for you. Below are some guidelines for marking a printed version of the scriptures.

  • Use pencils or colored markers. Avoid using pens that bleed through the paper.

  • Shade, underline, bracket, or outline part of a verse, an entire verse, or a group of verses.

  • Avoid excessive marking. The benefit is lost if you cannot understand your markings because you have made too many notes, lines, and colors.

  • Underline only a few key words to highlight the verse, section, or chapter.

  • Circle or underline key words, and then use straight lines to link closely related words.

  • When a series of points in a verse or passage are related, number the points in the margin or text.

  • Use the footnotes as a resource for marking and interpreting the scriptures.

  • Place a symbol (such as a check mark) in the margin for key verses you feel are critical to remember.

Marking your scriptures should help you focus on applying what you learn and on teaching others. Develop an approach that is consistent and helps you accomplish your purpose as a missionary.

Note: In addition to marking a printed copy of the scriptures, you have all the same options for digital marking using the Gospel Library.

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