This article explains how to download a PDF of a Church magazine, a manual, or some other Church publication from the Gospel Library online.

Why would you want a PDF rather than just read the publication online?

  • Graphic layout. For example, the printed magazines come in beautiful graphic layouts. But when you read the magazines on the Gospel Library app (mobile or online), the articles are mostly text with a few pictures. If you want to see the full graphic layout like the printed magazines, you can download the PDF format and flip through the pages just like the printed version.
  • Searchability. Have you ever tried to search for an answer to a question in the General Handbook of Instructions or in a manual, like the recently published manual Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Thomas S. Monson? The search finds the results, but may not take you to the specific chapter where your answer is found. But if you download the PDF, you can search it and find exactly what you want in the whole publication.

How to Download Church Publications

To download the PDF version, go to a publication in the Gospel Library and click the menu icon (three dots) and then choose Download, as shown in the image below. You will then have options to download the Entire Book (PDF). Many publications also have options to download MP4 video and MP3 audio files.





Here is an example of an article of the magazine as it appears online:


Here is what the same article looks like as a downloaded PDF:


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