October was officially designated as Family History Month in the United States 21 years ago. The bill passed by the United States Senate included a long list of reasons why October should be Family History Month. The Church has long taught about the importance of family history. In short, family history is a powerful catalyst for uniting not just families, but entire communities. Learning about your ancestors can make you more resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.

To give you ideas about what to do during Family History Month, FamilySearch recently published an article with 31 simple ways to celebrate.

If you are serious about family history, it might mean you commit to compiling a history of one of your ancestors. Or you could just think about your family story and what it means to you and then tell your children about your favorite memory.

Read this list of “31 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month” and choose 1 or 2 activities that are important to you.




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