For 192 years, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have shared their testimony of Jesus Christ by handing out hundreds of millions of physical copies of the Book of Mormon. Now, thanks to the upgraded Book of Mormon app, this sacred volume is easier to share and understand.

Check out these features of the Book of Mormon app:

  • Text in over 100 languages.
  • Discover tab has quick links to significant sections of the Book of Mormon, such as Jesus Christ’s visit to the Americas and Moroni’s prayerful promise of the book’s divinity. This section also answers questions such as “Who wrote the Book of Mormon?” and “How do the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together?” It also allows users to chat and study with missionaries, find a nearby church, watch others’ testimonies of the Book of Mormon, and connect to Book of Mormon social media pages.
  • Watch tab with the full library of Book of Mormon Videos in 15 languages.
  • Share tab with a QR code that makes it easy to share the app with a friend. With an additional tap of the code, you can share the link to download the Book of Mormon app via text, email, or social media. Watch demonstration videos.

Learn more in the article “Improved Book of Mormon App Makes Sharing the Book Easier.”




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