In yesterday’s Teaching in the Savior’s Way broadcast, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf announced that an updated booklet Teaching in the Savior’s Way is now available in the Gospel Library in English and many other languages. A total of 70 languages will be available by the end of June. It can be used by parents, ministering brothers and sisters, seminary and institute teachers, and anyone whose Church calling gives them opportunities to teach.

You can study this resource on your own or use it to guide discussions with others about how to become a better teacher. For example, this resource could be used in home evenings, presidency meetings, ward or stake council meetings, seminary and institute in-service meetings, and teacher council meetings.

In the broadcast, Elder Uchtdorf shared five ways to teach more like Jesus Christ and find joy and success in teaching the gospel. Read a summary of the broadcast and watch the broadcast below.


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