President Russell M. Nelson offered the following promise to youth who attend For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences: “I bless you to learn more about who you are and what your purpose really is, during this conference.”

What are FSY Conferences?

For the Strength of Youth conferences are 5-day conferences where youth, ages 14 and older, gather to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ — and have fun! They are in a safe environment where they learn, grow, and build new friendships. They will participate in devotionals, gospel study, games, classes, dances, goal setting and other activities. FSY is part of the Church’s Children and Youth program and is designed to help youth apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

Who Should Attend?

These conferences have been held extensively outside the United States and Canada for several years and are modeled after Brigham Young University’s Especially for Youth (EFY) conferences. Each stake attends every other year. See Stake Assignments to see what year your stake is invited to attend.

Also, young single adults from all over the country serve as FSY counselors. If you’d like to join in the fun, there is a need for YSA assistant counselors! Visit fsyemployment.byu.edu for more information.

Why Attend?

FSY helps youth build faith in Jesus Christ and receive their own personal testimony. FSY campuses strive to create  a place of belonging for youth who are striving to living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about FSY conferences, see FSY.ChurchofjJsusChrist.org and read the Church News article “Young Women general presidency: Answering the who, what and why of preparing for FSY.”

Learn more about FSY conferences in the video below.


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