FamilySearch has a lot of plans for the new year to help you make more personal family connections. In 2022, they will combine artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to deliver millions of family discoveries, plus new international tree features.

FamilySearch Crowdsourcing

FamilySearch will improve the way volunteers can contribute to the name indexes that help you find your ancestors. FamilySearch will offer new mobile technology and personalize the experience so more volunteers can contribute in ways that are personally relevant to them. Watch for announcements at RootsTech 2022.

FamilySearch Handwriting Recognition Artificial Intelligence

In 2022, FamilySearch will unveil exciting developments that use artificial intelligence to recognize handwriting. This technology, coupled with new online volunteer experiences, will dramatically increase personal discoveries and access to the world’s records. Watch for the unveiling at RootsTech 2022.

FamilySearch Asian Pedigree Feature

FamilySearch will deliver a new family tree visualization and documentation tool for people with Asian ancestry. The Asian pedigree, or “First Ancestor View,” in the FamilySearch Family Tree will better reflect the record-keeping traditions and processes of Asian cultures that view their ancestors in a “top-down tree” perspective.

Africa and Middle East Family Tree Experience

FamilySearch will deliver a new experience tailored to people from Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East to artistically preserve and illustrate their family history in a variety of beautiful printable keepsakes. Learn more at and (Middle East and North Africa).

Learn more about each of these initiatives in the article “What to Expect from FamilySearch in 2022.”



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