An update to the Old Testament Stories includes new Illustrations, refreshed writing, animated videos, and audio narrations. This book can help children and youth gain a love for the people, stories, and teachings in the Bible as they study the Old Testament in 2022.

The Old Testament Stories and its accompanying videos are available online, on the Gospel Library, and on the Gospel for Kids app and YouTube. The book is also available in print through Store.ChurchofJesusChrist.org or Distribution Centers or bookstores that sell Church resources.

The three-year project under the direction of the Church’s Scriptures Committee resulted in more than 350 new illustrations across 50 Old Testament stories. Nine stories have been added that were not in the previous version, including stories of Hagar, Rahab, Gideon, Deborah and more. All stories have been rewritten and translated into 63 languages. The animated videos and audio narrations are available in 10 languages.

Learn more about this project in the article “Illustrated ‘Old Testament Stories’ Completely Refreshed.”

Additional Come, Follow Me Resources for Children and Youth

The Scripture Stories are one way the Church is supporting the home-centered approach to gospel learning. When needed, “Old Testament Stories” is a visual resource to individuals, families and teachers. Most lessons in “Come, Follow Me” will have at least one corresponding Old Testament story.

Other resources support Come, Follow Me, including the Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Old Testament, which compliments Old Testament Stories by offering activities and coloring pages for many of the stories. And there are new activities and articles every month in the Friend and For the Strength of Youth magazines that relate to the scriptures covered in Come, Follow Me.


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