Here’s a quick list of potential Christmas presents for Latter-day Saints.

magazine-gift Church magazines. Give a gift subscription to the magazines to a family member, college student, or neighbor. You can also subscribe to have the conference Liahona sent to a loved one automatically every conference.
bible-videos-life-jesus-christ-dvd-2-disc The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos about the Savior’s life and teachings from the four Gospels. This set of DVDs includes all 100 videos, plus the 10 Children’s Bible stories. Get it for only $5.00. Learn more about this DVD.
Special issue of the Liahona magazine that is focused entirely on the Lord Jesus Christ. You can order a copy to give to a friend. There is also a special issue about Latter-day Saint temples.
gospel-Art-lds Gospel Art. Learn more about high-quality printed and digital pictures from the Church.
Witnesses_movie_poster WITNESSES film available on DVD and Blu-ray. Learn about this new movie.


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