Becoming a disciple of Christ includes accepting and including all—even, and maybe especially, when they are different from you.

“We value the kaleidoscope of others’ characteristics, perspectives, and talents. … We can bring our heritage, culture, and experiences to the Church of Jesus Christ.” (Elder Dale G. Renlund, general conference, Oct. 2021)

The following articles can help you learn how to create an environment of belonging in your circle of influence and within your ward and stake:

We All Belong

Watch uplifting videos from Church leaders on belonging and feeling the Savior’s love. Watch the series.

Jesus Christ Knows Our Pain

Read the article “Jesus Christ Knows the Pain We Feel from Prejudice” about navigating discrimination, exclusion, and microaggressions.

A Culture of Inclusion

Read the article “How Can We Create a Culture of Inclusion at Church?” to learn about steps you can take to better include others in a Church setting.

We Are All God’s Children

In the article “We Are All Children of God,” President Russell M. Nelson invites us to abandon attitudes of prejudice.

Teaching Your Children Acceptance & Inclusion

Read the story “Seeing Musa” with your children. Is the new boy mean? Or did Angie misunderstand?

Kindness Begins with Me

Enjoy this activity to help children discover ways to be kind.

Jesus Loves Everyone

See “Jesus Loves Everyone” to learn simple phrases with your little ones.


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