Jesus Christ is the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Prophets, apostles, and local leaders throughout the world work to serve Christ and assist all members as they develop stronger relationships with Him. Learn more in the Church video “How the Church of Jesus Christ Is Organized.”

God has used the same basic organizational structure for His Church throughout history. During Old Testament times, prophets such as Adam, Noah, and Moses were appointed to lead the Church on the earth.

When Christ Himself was on the earth, He assembled twelve Apostles and gave them the priesthood and the authority to act in His name. After Christ’s death, the priesthood and the organizational structure of the Church were lost. They remained lost for many years, until the Church was restored in 1830.

Joseph Smith Jr. became the first prophet of the Church in modern times, and there has been a constant succession of prophets ever since. The prophet is assisted by twelve Apostles and other leaders who run specialized organizations for teaching different age groups and for giving service.

Local leaders run individual congregations around the world in the same way—working in presidencies to support individual members and families as they follow Christ and His commandments.

Learn more in the article “Global Leadership of the Church.”

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