Gospel-kids-appGospel for Kids is a new mobile app for children that consolidates key features from the following apps that are no longer available: Sing Along Hymns, Scripture Stories, and LDS Coloring Book.

This app was announced in the Friend to Friend event for children last Saturday

Gospel for Kids is a gospel learning app for children that brings together illustrated scripture stories, coloring books, sing-along songs, and more! The following features are now available in the Apple iOS version of the app. Only the Scripture Stories are currently available in the Android version of the app.

Scripture Stories

  • Experience the faith and strength you can find in the scriptures! Scripture Stories combines beautiful artwork, abridged accounts from the scriptures, and dramatized narration to create a compelling experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Coloring Books

  • Have fun as you color over 200 illustrated scenes from scripture and Church history stories and depictions of gospel principles. Color with digital crayons that can be set to magically stay within the lines or tap to fill! You can even share, print, and save your creations.

Sing Along

  • Enjoy singing along to your favorite gospel-focused children’s songs and hymns. Sing Along provides prerecorded tracks and on-screen lyrics with a bouncing ball to guide you through each song. It can be a fun way to learn or sing songs individually or together at home or church. It also includes playlists for each week of Come, Follow Me lessons.

Additional scripture stories, coloring pages, and songs will be released periodically and automatically downloaded by the app.

Learn more in the article “Gospel for Kids App Lets Children Take Gospel Learning into Their Own Hands.”


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