I recently discovered a helpful article in a past Ensign that can help as we teach teens and children about how to love people who believe differently.

As our children grow up in a diverse world, it’s important that we teach them to peacefully coexist with people who have different backgrounds, ideals, and lifestyles. The article provides ideas and resources on how to teach the following five truths:.

  1. Many good people believe differently. The fact that someone believes or behaves differently than we do doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. Most people are trying their best to follow what they believe is right.
  2.  We should respect people’s agency. We all have the ability to choose and to act for ourselves.
  3. God loves all of His children. We should treat others with equal love and respect.
  4. Kindness is not condoning. Supporting a person who doesn’t live according to gospel teachings  doesn’t mean you are advocating a lifestyle you don’t agree with. You can love someone without approving of that person’s choices.
  5. We can be good examples without making people feel bad. In our interactions with others, we should take extra care to communicate love and inclusion. We should never make someone feel like they don’t belong.

Read the article “Five Truths for Loving Those Who Believe Differently” for ideas and resources about these five truths.

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