Beginning in 2021, the Church’s updated children’s magazine the Friend will reach more than 90% of members’ children worldwide in 48 languages.

Previously, English speakers received three magazines—the Ensign for adults, the New Era for youth, and the Friend for children. Speakers of other languages received the Liahona, which included articles for adults, youth, and children.

Beginning in January 2021, three new magazines will be published worldwide in 48 languages—the Liahona for adults, For the Strength of Youth for youth, and the Friend for children.

The New Friend

Feb-cover_friendWhile many of the beloved aspects of the Friend will remain the same, the magazine will enhance its reach by including even more real stories from children in each part of the world. This global focus will help children everywhere feel like they can relate to someone in the magazine, no matter where they are from.

In each issue, the Friend’s new tagline, “Following Jesus Together,” will be exemplified through messages that will help children follow Jesus Christ, the greatest friend of all.

Children can also anticipate fun new additions that will be seen in each issue. For example,

  • A new “Helping Hands around the World” story will demonstrate the potential that children have to change the world. Each story features real-life stories of children who are positively changing the world through their Christlike actions.
  • A new cartoon featuring Margo and Paolo will correlate with the Helping Hands story and be a constant feature in each of the magazine’s issues. This dynamic Brazilian duo will teach fun facts about different countries and challenge young readers to implement positive changes in their lives.
  • Each issue of the magazine will include two Church history cards that children can cut out and fold. When finished, one side will have the name and picture of the historical figure, while the other side will have quick facts and quotes. By the end of the year, readers will have gotten to know many notable figures in the Restoration.
  • Children will be able to see each member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles experience a different country as they dedicate temples and visit Church members virtually and in person, exemplifying Christlike service. They will also be able to see interactions between the Apostles and children just like them.
  • The tween section of the magazine will include stories about individuals who helped spread the gospel and strengthen the Church in their countries. Through these authentic stories, young people will be able to see how by small and simple measures, great things can come to pass.

Subscribe to the Friend

Subscribe to the Friend magazine or give a gift subscription at in 48 languages.

Parents and, if needed, wards and branches are encouraged to help all children receive the Friend.

For more information, read the Newsroom article “The ‘Friend’ Magazine to Go Global in Its 50th Year With Features Directed to Children Worldwide .”

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