Beginning in January of 2021, the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive the new  For the Strength of Youth magazine that will be translated into 48 languages and sent to about 150 countries on a more frequent basis.

Previously, English speakers received three magazines—the Ensign for adults, the New Era for youth, and the Friend for children. Speakers of other languages received the Liahona, which included articles for adults, youth, and children.

Beginning in January 2021, three new magazines will be published worldwide in 48 languages—the Liahona for adults, For the Strength of Youth for youth, and the Friend for children.


The New For the Strength of Youth

This will be the first time that many youth (ages 11–18) outside of English-speaking countries will be able to subscribe to a magazine with messages specifically directed to them. Content will include messages written by prophets, apostles and other Church leaders, as well as testimonies and experiences from youth members around the world.

All doctrine, stories, and articles will be written with the needs of youth in mind. Youth will be able to see teenagers, just like them, actively engaging with the gospel and finding resolutions to their problems with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For the Strength of Youth will seek to edify young people while embodying its tagline: “Finding joy in Christ” through its 32 colorful pages.

Digital Reach

In addition to changes with the printed magazine, For the Strength of Youth will provide digital-only articles that will be published online at, in the Gospel Library app, in the Gospel Living app, and on the Church’s youth Instagram channel @StriveToBe. Aligned with the Church’s desire to be more global, now more readers than ever will be given access to authentic stories from youth written in countries like Zimbabwe, France, and Thailand.

Subscribe to For the Strength of Youth

Subscribe to the For the Strength of Youth magazine or give a gift subscription at in 48 languages.

In coming months, For the Strength of Youth plans to provide the ability to sign up for notifications when new content is published.

For more information, read the Newsroom article “New Magazine ‘For the Strength of Youth’ Will Reach Latter-day Saint Teens in 140 Countries .”

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