Starting in January of 2021, the Ensign will be retired and the Liahona will become the Church’s magazine for all adult members worldwide.

Previously, English speakers received three magazines—the Ensign for adults, the New Era for youth, and the Friend for children. Speakers of other languages received the Liahona, which included articles for adults, youth, and children.

Beginning in January 2021, three new magazines will be published worldwide in 48 languages—the Liahona for adults, For the Strength of Youth for youth, and the Friend for children.

The New Liahona

Liahona-JanReaders of the new Liahona magazine can expect teachings from Church leaders, inspiring stories that demonstrate how to apply gospel principles, and articles that complement the Church-supported, home-centered lessons in Come, Follow Me.

New features in the Liahona this coming year will focus on aging faithfully, explaining gospel basics to new members, and helping all members feel a sense of belonging. You can also expect more parenting tips and articles on the roles of women in the restored Church. Each issue will also include articles on a specific topic that is similarly covered in both the Friend and For the Strength of Youth magazines to help family discussions. For example, in upcoming issues of all three magazines there will be age-appropriate articles on topics such as incarceration, disabilities, and mental health.

Most subscribers will also receive an insert in the middle of their magazine with stories and articles written in the country where members live.

Digital Reach

In addition to changes with the printed magazine, the Liahona will provide digital-only articles that will be published online at and in the Gospel Library app. These additions will support that month’s topics as well as provide insights on other topics.

The digital articles will include the Young Adult (YA) Weekly section—articles created by young adults, for young adults. This section publishes new content weekly and tackles themes for young adults, such as healthy sexuality, mental health, overcoming doubt, facing life transitions, healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and navigating questions about Church History.

Subscribe to the Liahona

Subscribe to the Liahona magazine or give a gift subscription at in 48 languages, plus “talking book” audio and English Braille.

In coming months, the Liahona plans to provide the ability to sign up for notifications when new content is published.

For more information, read the Newsroom article “‘Liahona’ to Provide Universal Messages for a Global Church.”

Tomorrow and the next day, read articles in LDS365 about the new For the Strength of Youth and the Friend magazines.


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