On this site, we publish a best-of-the-best list of resources in overcoming pornography. We know that pornography is a big problem in the world today, and it is growing bigger. If your family will be getting new phones, tablets, computers, or gaming systems this Christmas, do you have a family monitoring system to protect your family from pornography?

One of the best programs we have seen to help your family stay clear of pornography is Covenant Eyes, a Christian-based program that combines filtering with a system of accountability. The real strength is in their accountability system.

Integrity is who you are and what you do when you are alone.

One of the best ways to escape the temptation is to remove the secrecy of the internet. With their accountability system, you identify an accountability partner–someone to whom you give permission to help you stand strong. It’s someone you trust because they genuinely care for you. Because the allure of temptation is strongest when no one is looking, an accountability partner helps defeat temptation’s pull by looking over your shoulder when you’re on the internet. The software reports all your web activity and scores websites so your partner can easily identify mature web addresses, searches, and links. Learn more about the accountability system.

We have studied several programs, and for $15.99 a month, we think this is one of the most effective. We believe in their system so much that we set up an affiliate relationship with them to help spread the word. You can try the filtering and accountability program free for 30 days using the promo code SAINTS.

Questions to consider:

  • Do you really know which websites your family is viewing?
  • Are members of your family spending unusual amounts of time on the internet?
  • Do family members try to hide their internet use?

We invite you to try Covenant Eyes to help protect your family. Rather than just trying to block bad stuff, this program helps your family learn to be accountable for their choices. The video below explains more.

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