The Church now offers a new website experience to help you engage in daily actions to grow closer to God. The site is called “Become” and can be found at

  • Through simple, self-guided “paths,” you can choose to go through short, engaging activities to learn more about basic spiritual truths.
  • In longer experiences called “journeys,” you can choose to dive deeper into spiritual topics through enhanced interactions, scriptures, and sermons.

Whether you choose a path or a journey, you can choose things to enhance your understanding and discover additional perspective and peace. For example, in the path about how Jesus comforts us, you will be asked, “Who could you help comfort this week? Take a moment and think of someone who may be in mourning. Write down their name and select an action you want to commit to this week.”

The topics to engage with include how to pray, serving others, a life of joy, hear God speak, working through disappointment and forgiving others.

Visit to create an account and experience and share this new resource for growing closer to God.

Watch this introductory video:

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