From the FamilySearch blog:

Wondering how to find the best places to search for your ancestors? Puzzling over where to begin and what to do next? FamilySearch is building and expanding on its Guided Research feature to show you step by step where to go and what to do.

Guided Research will lead you to successful results in less time and with less effort. It’s like having your own professional genealogist coaching you in a journey of discovery!

What Is Guided Research?

Guided Research outlines the most complete and comprehensive places to search for your ancestors’ records in a specific timeframe and area. If you are looking for help, the most promising sources are presented first. Then, Guided Research offers additional sources and resources to keep you progressing to successful results.

With this new emphasis, FamilySearch is expanding Guided Research to more countries. Guided Research is also being improved, with better workflows that will connect researchers and genealogy records in dynamic and exciting ways.

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