Evidence Central is a new research project that provides a central collection of evidences about the Book of Mormon and about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For many decades, evidences pertaining to the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s Gospel and Church have been brought to light through careful study and analysis by scholars and researchers. These evidences help authenticate Joseph Smith’s revelations about the ancient world, including his translations of ancient texts like the Book of Mormon, Book of Moses, and Book of Abraham. Other evidences come from analysis of the miraculous foundational events pertaining to the history of the Church, such as the translation of the Book of Mormon or the experiences of the Three and Eight Witnesses.

Studying these evidences can enrich, inform, and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and in the Restoration. Evidence Central is an effort to gather and present these evidences. Summaries are provided for some of the more lengthy and scholarly works.

Evidence Central is sponsored by BookofMormonCentral.com.


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