Librarians at the Church History Library have created guides to resources available on various subjects. See the Research Guides page for a list of the guides available:

  • General Church History. Resources and materials about the history of the Church in different eras of its movement and growth.
  • General Conference. Resources and material to assist in the study of General Conference. Including information on conference history, talks, music, buildings and a comprehensive FAQ.
  • Missions and Missionaries. Information and resources about Latter-day Saint missionaries, the missions in which they served, and the Church’s missionary program.
  • Leaders of the Church. Information on the leadership history of the Church, with resources about leaders past and present and auxiliary organizations.
  • Latter-day Saint Family and Local History Sources. Latter-day Saint family and local history sources, including digital and web source, periodicals, published sources, journals, personal papers, membership records, databases, photos, and indexes.
  • Blacks in Church History. Introduction to selected black Latter-day Saints and related historical materials from throughout the Church’s history.
  • Women’s Organizations. Resources and information about the history of women’s organizations of the Church.
  • Journal History of the Church. Information to assist in navigating the complex and important Journal History of the Church collection.
  • Latter-day Saint Women’s Suffrage. Resources and materials to assist in a study of the suffrage movement in Utah and explore the involvement of Latter-day Saint women.
  • Perpetual Emigrating Fund. Information and resources to assist in researching the Perpetual Emigrating Fund (PEF).
  • Photograph Collections. Information and resources to assist in researching and navigating the Church History Library’s extensive photograph collections.
  • Baptism and Confirmation Information in Early Records. Information to assist you in finding baptism and confirmation dates in early Church records with resources for your research.
  • Young Women Organization. Resources and information to assist in researching the Young Women organization.
  • Pioneer-Era Journals. Information and guidance on how to find pioneer journals.
  • Eliza R. Snow. A collection of resources and information to help you research the life and work of Eliza R. Snow, poet and second General President of the Relief Society.
  • Primary Organization. Information and resources for researching the history of the Primary.

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