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Some of the richest pieces of our family’s history come in the form of photos. Being able to take and store pictures of family members, past and present, has become a vital part of recording our family story. There are many resources and apps today that make it easy to do this. One great resource is the Google Photos app. You may be wondering, what exactly is Google Photos and what interesting things can you do with the app?

Google Photos is a free photo app that can make storing, managing, and sharing your photos simple. One of the most intriguing features is facial recognition technology that lets you create and share albums, collages, videos, stories, and much more. It offers unlimited backup and is unlike any other photo app available.


Sharing precious memories with family members should be rewarding, not frustrating. With available technology these days, it has never been easier to take, edit, and store pictures digitally. And yet people still lose photos, or they struggle to keep them organized. Learning how to use Google Photos will help you keep track of all your photos and organize, edit, and share them with ease.

Easy Access

There are two simple ways to access Google Photos. If you have a phone or a tablet, go to the app store, and download the Google Photos app. If you have a newer Android phone, the technology might be already built in.

You can also access the photo app online. Go to, and sign in. Keep in mind that some of the functionality you see on the mobile Google Photos app isn’t yet available in the desktop version.


Another reason Google Photos is a great photo app is the quick, easy, and unlimited photo backup the app provides (once you select this option). Having a digital backup of photos protects all those priceless memories you’ve collected from harm, such as when you accidentally delete files or your computer crashes. Snap away with your phone camera, and then, when you get to a place where Wi-Fi is available, just connect, and open the app on your phone. For photos up to 16MP and video up to 1080p HD, the app will automatically back up your photos and videos for free. You can then access them from any phone, tablet, or computer, and pull them off your phone if you like.

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