The Church’s Gospel Media library ( has many videos you can play to help you teach gospel principles and enhance gospel lessons. However, streaming the video over the meetinghouse’s internet connection is not always a possibility.

To avoid potential problems with streaming, it is best to download the video ahead of time and then play it from a computer, mobile device, a DVD player, or a USB drive (thumb drive) inserted into a TV.

However, some videos in the Gospel Media library are not available for download due to copyright and intellectual property laws.

For videos that are available for download, you have several options for downloading and playing them in the classroom. The best option depends on the devices you have available, the size of your class, and the video equipment in your meetinghouse. Here are four recommended options:

  1. Download and Show on Laptop Computer
  2. Download videos using an Apple Tablet or Smartphone
  3. Download videos using an Android Tablet or Smartphone
  4. Burn to a DVD

For detailed instructions on each method, see “Showing Videos.”

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