At the Saturday evening session of general Conference on April 4, 2020, President Russell M. Nelson announced a new symbol to represent the Church. This new symbol communicates to the world that this is the Savior’s Church and that all we do centers on Him and His gospel.

“[The symbol] portrays the resurrected, living Lord reaching out to embrace all who will come unto Him,” President Nelson said. “This symbol should feel familiar to many, as we have long identified the restored gospel with the living, resurrected Christ.”

This new symbol will be used on Church materials as directed by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Any other use must be approved by the Correlation Intellectual Property Division.

Learn more in the article “The Church’s New Symbol Emphasizes the Centrality of the Savior” on the Church’s Newsroom.

See the official general conference announcements page on the Church’s Newsroom site.

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