The Church has published “A Special Message for Unsettling Times” as a supplement to the Ensign magazine. (Download a printable PDF.)

We have all been affected by the recent pandemic and other challenging events around the world. It’s understandable that these disruptions might prompt some feelings of frustration, anxiety, and fear. But God has not abandoned us. He can help us move forward with faith.

The supplement provides messages of hope and comfort in troubling times. It answers questions such as the following:

  1. Where can I find the latest guidelines about Church activities?
  2. How can I minister to others safely during this time?
  3. What about general conference?
  4. How can I best worship outside of Church meetings?

See the “Messages of Hope and Comfort” section for a list of articles about grief, accepting the Lord’s will, helping children cope, and other comforting messages you could share.

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